3 Secrets Of An Optimal Timing Exit Wealth Plan Guest Brett Swarts

Brett Swarts  is considered a capital Gains Tax Deferral Experts and informative speakers on the west coast. His audiences are challenged to lean into multiple capital gains tax deferral strategies, create and develop a tax-deferred passive cash flow optimal timing wealth plan of their own, and execute on this plan so they can create and preserve more wealth. 

Brett is the Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions and host of the capital gains tax solutions podcast. Each year, he equips hundreds of business professionals with the Deferred Sales Trust tool to help their high net worth clients solve capital gains tax deferral limitations. 

Mr. Swarts is passionate about educating people in Capital Gains Tax Deferral with a Deferred Sales Trust, how to divest from a business or real estate, and gain freedom from feeling hostage to a 1031 exchange, then invest back in to a new business venture or investment real estate at any time [all capital gains tax deferred] which he calls optimal timing.

His experience includes numerous Deferred Sales Trusts, Delaware Statutory Trusts, 1031 exchanges and $88,000,000 in closed commercial real estate brokerage transactions. He’s an active commercial real estate broker and investor with brokerage experience and ownership in multifamily, senior housing, retail, medical office, and mixed-use properties. He is a licensed California Real Estate Broker who holds Series 22 and 63 licenses.  

Brett was formerly an associate at the largest Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm in the country, has his own Multifamily Brokerage Company now, and has years of experience and hands-on training from some of the best in the business. 

Brett lives in Roseville California, with his wife, Melanie and their 5 children. 


  • Why it’s crucial to have liquidity, diversificacion, debt freedom and tax deferral when selling your highly appreciated asset in a new Covid-19 economic times?
  • How to never feel trapped in debt and tax deferral when selling your asset.
  • What are the benefits of a Deferred Sales Trust (DST) and buying real estate through the DST vs 1031 exchange? 
  • How the deferred sales trust is a debt free plan for your RE or business.
  • How to sell illiquid assets such as a primary home, CRE, Business, Art Work or Collectables and invest into a passive CRE
  • How to attract high net worth partners by unlocking their highly appreciated assets to invest into a CRE syndication with you.
  • How to attract high net worth partners by unlocking their highly appreciated assets to invest into a CRE syndication with you.
  • Estate Tax Savings! At the close of the DST, move funds outside of the taxable estate to save 40% in estate tax. How and Why?
  • Why it’s important to build a tax deferred wealth plan now!
  • Top 7 questions to ask of every tax deferral strategy.
  • How do we know it’s Legal? Fees? Track Record? 
  • DST Dissolving Partnership Advantage 
  • New Depreciation Schedule! How and Why?


  • What is a Deferred Sales Trust (DST) and why use it? 
  • How do I sell high and wait on the sidelines and/or buy or develop real estate on my own timing all tax-deferred?
  • How does the DST save a failed 1031? 
  • How do I defer capital gains tax on the sale of a business or primary home and invest in commercial real estate all tax deferred?
  • How do I help my clients escape feeling hostage to 1031 exchange? 
  • How do I grow my CRE Syndication Business using Deferred Sales Trust? 
  • How do I trade toilets, trash, management for time, liquidity, diversification, and retirement?
  • How do I build a tax deferred wealth plan?
  • How I helped Dave sell his $7.6M multifamily property, pay off $4.5M in debt and defer $1.1M in capital gains tax without having to do a 1031 exchange.
  • What is the largest wealth transfer in the history of the planet and how can the DST help to fund charitable causes with this wealth?

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