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How To Become a Successful Female Investor

Research has shown that women are savvier investors than men. On average, women who invest get higher returns and save more than men who invest. So, why are so few women investing in businesses? In my experience as an entrepreneur and investor, there are two main things keeping women from investing: confidence and education. My …

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What are Private Equity Investments?

Believe it or not, Private Equity Investments cover a variety of different investment opportunities for businesses looking to start, expand or invest in an overseas operation. Because of this, we decided to break down Private Equity investments and the many different forms of capital that they include. Venture Capital Venture capital is one of the …

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What is a Women Venture Capitalist Fund

A Women Venture Capitalist Fund are investment funds that manages money for women investors who seek to invest in private equity stakes in start-ups, and small to medium sized businesses. These funds are generally reserved for accredited investors. It is important to note that these investments are made in high-growth companies who have high-return/risk opportunities.