Covid-19 Business Relief Resources

I had so many friends and families, you know reach out to me today last few days in regards to covid-19. So we have decided to put together a resource a website called We’re looking to have some Specialists on the line talking about some of the relief options that are going to be out there for businesses. We know that right now is currently a very difficult time for the. Business owners and it’s very difficult to experience what this impact is going to have on businesses. And so we want by the resources and available information that can help support businesses during this situation about how we can deal with employees how we can deal with store closures. This is going to have a profound effect on the entire economy in the entire world. And so we’re obviously looking for support from our federal government. Hopefully, they can respond with proper measures that can help support small businesses. I know a lot of information. Is coming out there as far as supporting some of the big Boeing and some of the big corporations, but at the end of the day, it’s the small businesses who are going to be profound Lee affected. And so we definitely want to make sure that the resources are available. If you need information anything that you need is far as business relief services or business relief resources. We’re going to be starting to post that on our website So I looked for daily updates. And like I said, we’re going to be having some experts come on the line talking about what you can do for your business how to protect yourself in this financial situation.



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