Discover The #1 Secret Business Strategy That Will 10x Your Profits Even During The Most Challenging Times Guest Co-founder of Private Label University

Karen and Neil Gwartzman


Learn How to Pick, Source and Sell Your Own Private Label Products
We have used the private label blueprint to scale service-based businesses, start-up entrepreneurial businesses from home and create billions of dollars of growth for retail brick and mortar.

Co-founder of Private Label University, best-selling authors of Private Label Secrets, and creators of the easy-to-follow, step-by-step signature process, Private Label Blueprint. For more than 3 decades, Neil and Karen, have been creating and private labeling products for some of the largest retail stores around the globe; helping them scale their businesses beyond a million dollar business.  They have personally private labeled 879 products that have sold and still sell in over 600 retail stores. They have helped scale thousands of service based business and start up’s by  teaching their private label blueprint helping them add additional revenue and make a bigger impact in the lives of clients globally.

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