Faith Vs Fear

Rose Vitale: (00:00): Today, I am going to be talking about faith versus fear. Rose Vitale: (00:03): One of the reasons why I am talking about it is because this is something I think that we all face as entrepreneurs as investors as people in general. Rose Vitale: (00:15): We all say, you know face this when it comes to Faith versus fear and one of the reasons why I want to talk about this today is because I talked to so many of my friends, you know where they have the knowledge to do something for business. Rose Vitale: (00:33): But yet they loud Their Fear to hold them back. Rose Vitale: (00:37): So that’s why I want to lead into this little story of mine that talks about this face, you know Faith versus your topic currently. Rose Vitale: (00:47): I am developing out a 5,000 square feet commercial property here where I live in Merced, California and I ended up buying this land about three years ago and was not sure what I was going to do with it. Rose Vitale: (01:05): I accidentally bought it from an auction. Rose Vitale: (01:10): And what happened was the listing showed a house, but it turned out to be Bland? Rose Vitale: (01:20): Well after doing some digging it had the wrong APN number we try to you know, go to the city try to figure that out. Rose Vitale: (01:28): Anyways at the end we were stuck with this land. Rose Vitale: (01:31): So then I said well this must have been a reason why this landed into my lap. Rose Vitale: (01:36): Let me figure out what we could do with this land? Rose Vitale: (01:38): It was about 15,000 square feet the property and so what happened was We found out that it was zoned neighborhood commercial, which was really great. Rose Vitale: (01:53): We could have different types of businesses put in there, but I have no experience in building commercial property. Rose Vitale: (02:02): So what happened was I started doing some research and try to figure this out? Rose Vitale: (02:06): We have a lot of experience with commercial. Rose Vitale: (02:09): Renting of commercial spaces. Rose Vitale: (02:10): We signed over 50 some leases with our retail stores, but I had never experienced from building from the ground up when it comes to developing out commercial space in a space. Rose Vitale: (02:23): So I had a huge fear about what I said this. Rose Vitale: (02:27): I didn’t know if I should build it out because I didn’t have the experience on and on that see face when we enter into an unknown project well over the course of how I would say about two years. Rose Vitale: (02:42): I took it step by step hired an architect. Rose Vitale: (02:46): Did the plans do the drawings took a day-by-day step-by-step learning every process of the way. Rose Vitale: (02:53): And now we’re at this stage where the city is about the issue the building permit, and we’re about to build and I never thought this would be possible because I had so much fear at the beginning fear of the unknown that I didn’t know how to build unknown. Rose Vitale: (03:12): I didn’t know how to even find the funding for this all this stuff. Rose Vitale: (03:18): Came to my mind, but at the end I did not allow fear to hold me back what I wanted to achieve this project. Rose Vitale: (03:26): So that’s why this topic is so important to me because of the fact that so many of my women friends who I talked to allow fear to dictate their future. Rose Vitale: (03:40): It’s that old saying if we always do what we have always done will always get what you have always gotten and I have to constantly push past some of my fears with things but I have faith enough faith in my abilities to learn what I don’t know right because what we don’t know can hurt us. (04:00): Us so at the end of the day this is such an important topic whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investor don’t allow fear to hold you back to where you want to go and that brings me to another little quick. (04:15): Story that I want to share with all of my listeners that I have a huge fear of flying. (04:23): I am the worst person when it comes to Flying when we when I go flying I sweat I have anxiety I hang onto the chairs. (04:31): It’s almost laughable. (04:34): And when we start hitting turbulence, I think that we’re going to die and I have traveled all over the world and I have been on hundreds of plane, but I still have that fear to fly. (04:45): But at the end of the day, I don’t allow that fear. (04:50): To hold me back to a destination. (04:52): I want to go to a beautiful destination wherever that may be Bali Hawaii Europe every place that I have been I don’t allow that fear to hold me back. (05:05): So the thing I want to leave with you guys today is that just that thought is when you evaluate a project you’re doing or a new Venture you’re going to take on don’t allow that fear to hold you back have enough faith in your abilities or. (05:24): Enough faith and what you’re going to do to get to that next level you may not have all the resources that you need, but little by little you can gather those resources if you have enough faith in who you are the people you surround yourself with the network that you associate with. (05:43): So make sure the next time you do something take this into consideration.

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