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Funding Female-Led Businesses for Massive Returns on Investment

Our Female Investors Network believes in overcoming two main obstacles

Break the Shackles of Patriarchy by Encouraging and Empowering Women to Lead.

Nurture Women-Led Businesses through venture capital funding for massive returns on investment.

Starting a business and taking it to evergreen heights is not easy in today’s competitive world. We, at Female Investors Network, want you to have all the support you might need for the unforeseen future!

 By coming together, you can develop meaningful connections with female network investors and boost your business with secure financial access and worthwhile emotional support.

Women in Business – An Insight

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12.3 Million

Women own and lead 12.3 million businesses in the United States.

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40% of U.S businesses are owned by women of all ages, class, race, color and ethnicity

cost reduction

35% of ROI in the corporate sector is due to women-led businesses

Do you know what all of these majestic women have in common with you?

“The dream to think big and the fiery spark to break down years of conditioned misogyny, gender inequality and lack of diversity in a male-dominated business circle”

“Women cannot match to the standards of any man in any industry – men are more superior!”

“Women cannot take logical decisions – they are too emotional!”

“Women are bossy leaders”

“Women cannot take logical decisions – they are too emotional!”

Do you know what successful women hear every day?

“Women this, Women that”

But, do menreally think they can shut out women – and there would be no uproar?

Inadequate Financing for Women-Led Businesses

Women receive around $5000 less than men for funding their venture, but to our dismay, they ask for $35,000 less due to pressure and fear of failure. Many find it even hard to qualify for receiving loans in the first place!

There are only 6% of female-led independent capital firms in the industry

Women-led business firms receive hardly 7% of venture capital funding every year

What can does Female Investors Network want for you?

We want to provide our women with emotional and financial support so that they can continue
believing in what motivates them the most – because united, we grow!

“For 62% of women in the corporate sector, a ‘working business’ is the ultimate route to secure a promising livelihood. From 2007 to 2012, women entrepreneurs launched impressive business ideas that now finance half a million jobs in the corporate industry!”

Female Investors Network aims to finance women-led entrepreneurs by bringing them towards female angel investors who they might not meet if not for a dynamic forum. We want to contribute to women’s success in entrepreneurship because we believe in their stores!

  • We, at Women Investors Network, aim to uplift women who are afraid of taking the big leap.
  • We want women entrepreneurs to keep the midnight oil aflame.
  • We want today’s aspiring businesswomen to become leaders of tomorrow.
  • We want women entrepreneurs to trust Women Investors Network for helping them acquire venture capital funding – because we believe in uplifting others.
  • Because of a male stereotype, we do not want our leading women to lose hope of themselves.
  • We want every business-savvy woman to come together and share ideas with female angel investors on our platform
  • We want our women to lead with confidence and let go for the casual sexism, mockery, negativity and letdowns of the past!

Our female tech and business entrepreneurs are leaders who we look up to and admire! Women in Business believes in nurturing the growth of female angel investors by bringing them one step closer to potential business women!

  • Empowerment – Women Investors Network believes in empowering women at both ends of the string.
  • Venture Funding Capital – We aim to link abled and avid women entrepreneurs to female angel investors so that they can secure funding as well as kickstart their business off the ground.
  • Mentorship – Become a part of our community and discuss your business queries with leading women entrepreneurs!

What can our Female Investors Network do for you?

Our Services

Networking with each other allows you to learn about each other’s aspirations as well as their commitment to their passion!

Women Business Network owes the credibility of its platform to exceptional women leaders who come together and build each other up! Our platform serves as a mere bridge in bringing two leaders – angel investors and entrepreneurs – together at once.

  • Conversations – We want to facilitate meaningful conversations so that you can bring your excellent leadership and communicate with like-minded women from the deepest corners of the world.
  • Mentorship – By engaging in conversation with female-led business owners, female angel investors can mentor and help secure women entrepreneurship on the map!

Women Business Network prides on being self-indulgent in female network investors who prefer lending a hand to women entrepreneurs till they make it big in the world. We believe in raising others collaterally which is why our platform wheels and deals in female angel investors who only want one thing from women entrepreneurs. Promising leadership, of course!

  • Secure Venture Capital Funding – Our female network investors are far more secure and worth every penny as they are not affiliated with a bank or venture capital firm.
  • Independence– Our female angel investors abhor the idea of microloan or debt financing, mainly because they are too risky in the first place.
  • Trustworthy Alliance – Women Business Network believes in establishing a trustworthy relationship between female angel investors and women entrepreneurs – hence, the platform!

Our platform serves as the ultimate role model for both our contributing partnerships. Whether you are looking for a female angel investor or an entrepreneur, Female Investors Network is overflowing with options that might help fulfil your goal.

The day is not far when women-led entrepreneurships will take over the world and dominate the corporate sector with their unmatchable wisdom. Listen to our empowering podcasts and engage in candid conversations with mentors on our platform.

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