How Do I Get Investors To Invest in My Company

Rose Vitale: (00:00): Number one question that we get and I hear so often is how do I get investors to invest into my company? (00:11): Well the answer the very simple answer to that question is number one. (00:20): It’s all about relationships. (00:22): So no matter how much information is out there and how many different websites are out there. (00:30): It truly comes down to developing relationships with investors whether that means going to pitch fundings whether that mean Going where you know these Angel groups are there’s various different ways to meet up with investors who made invest into your project. (00:55): Now it definitely depends on what stage you are as far as raising Capital. (01:01): Are you a startup? (01:02): Are you in growth mode or are you an exit strategy? (01:07): So these are key factors that you need to answer when.

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