How I Save 40 Hours a Monthly Using Our Web-Based Employee Scheduling Software

My business partner used to spend hours calculating & updating employee hours. The great thing about her is that she is a computer programmer by trade and she wanted to create a system that would allow her more time with her family. She came up with  Web-Based Employee Scheduling Software. Some of the features & functions are:

  • Web-Based (No Install Needed)
  • Multiple Location/Departments Setup (Can Be Used For Retail or Office Settings)
  • Saves & Manages Employee Information
  • Access Permission  based on Roles/Positions
  • Access Employee hours in 1-click
  • Manages Payroll Budget
  • Sends Weekly Schedule by Email with notification receipt
  • Shows Rest & Lunch Breaks
  • Easy Reports by PDF, Excel, CSV,


I want to give all of our listeners a free access to the our web-based employee scheduler just send me a email requesting a company setup.

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