How One Female Investor Took Her Seat at the Investment Table Guest Elizabeth D. Sigety

Elizabeth D. Sigety co-founded Delaware Crossing Investor Group, an angel network which invests in companies located in PA, NJ, NY, CT or DE. She has personally invested in over 40 companies. By day she is a Partner of Fox Rothschild with over 950 lawyers with 27 offices across the USA. She is an active member of the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs. She also speaks at least two events a year focusing on female founders and funders.

  1. Why did you decide to become an angel investor?
  2. Tell us Why You Feel More Women Should Become Angel Investors?
  3. Tell Us How Your Background helps you choose investments in startups?
  4. Tell Us What You Have Learned investing in privately held companies?
  5. Tell Us About Your Angel Group?
  6. What Types of investments/companies do you invest in?
  7. Why Do You Think Women Shy Away From Angel Investing?
  8. What has been your biggest mistake/lesson from angel investing
  9. How Does Your Group Help Your Become a Better Investor?
  10. What Do You Look For When You Invest in a Startup?
Elizabeth D. Sigety

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