How To Build A Personal Brand into An Empire | Laura Bull Author “From Individual to Empire” Guest

Laura Bull | How To Build A Personal Brand into An Empire

Laura Bull
spent ten years with Sony Music Entertainment where she became one of the
company’s youngest executives at the age of 28. During her time, she spearheaded artist development and
marketing for globally recognized brands including Carrie Underwood, Brad
Paisley, and Johnny Cash.

A veteran of the music industry, she has served for more than a decade on the National Advisory Board for Musicians On Call.

Laura specializes in marketing and transforming people into viable brands by offering insurmountable knowledge to teach others what it takes to become a powerful “influencer.” Many in the marketing arena discuss the power of influencers, but no one is discussing how an influencer becomes powerful until now.

Her upcoming book From Individual to Empire is available
everywhere books are sold.

1.    How did the book come about?
2.    What do you think about the current influencer movement? 
3.    What is your goal for the reader once they finish reading your book?
4.    What do you see as misconceptions within the branding space?
5.    What does a healthy influencer look like? 
6.    Which influencers do you see as successful? 
7.    What are the biggest barriers/challenges for aspiring influencers? 
8.    How do you not get jaded? 
9.    How do you learn about different influencers?
10. How do you know an influencer has an authentic brand? 
11. Why did you leave Sony?

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