How to Create a Successful Pitch Deck For Women

Every major corporation as it stands to this day started with a dream and a pitch deck that they presented to an Angel Investor. Taking this into consideration, if you are looking for a form of financing, creating a successful pitch deck is a must. Below, we are going to break down the best areas to include within your pitch deck.

Identify the Problem

Make sure that your first two slides include the problem that you are trying to solve. The best way to highlight this problem is by providing real-life examples that will build your explanation of your solution. Be sure to cover when it will be used and why it’s the best possible solution to solve the problem.

Present Your Solution

When it’s time, make sure that the solution is the application, method or business that you want to create. Explain why this solution is the best option given the problem and show them why the other alternatives aren’t going to work as well as yours.

Back up your Statements with Fact

Make sure that you build off of the first two sections with facts. Show them that you did the research and that you know your competition has yet to tackle this solution or business idea in the way that you are planning to. Also, give them a breakdown of the cost and show them how likely you are to be successful with statistics.

 Marketing plan

Once this phase is done, you will present your marketing strategy to get those users you identified within your facts portion to gravitate to your solution or company. Also, this is another excellent place to add the projected time it will take to get a certain level of numbers and their expected Return on Investment.

Pros and cons

Believe it or not, this is the area where you plan for the worst-case scenario. Let’s say that some of your statistics fall through, whereas others tend to be a bit higher in the long run. This is where you will explain your plan of attack when it comes to working out any potential kinks and getting back on track.

Final Thoughts

All in all, creating a successful pitch deck will only have about 11 pages in total. Therefore, it is also important to point out the best facts, statistics and resolutions that you have to sell your idea to your investors. Make sure you work very hard to present your company in the best way possible, and you will be successful. 

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