How To Take Non-Obvious/Traditional Decisions To Chart Out a Path For Yourself and Your Business.

How To Take Non-Obvious/Traditional Decisions To Chart Out a Path
Tanu Grewal Women in Business Podcast Guest

 Tanu Grewal is global marketing leader with 16 years of proven success in multiple geographies ranging from Fortune 200 companies to start-up environments.  She excel at creating strong brand equity that drives demonstrable business growth and stakeholder value. High level of commercial acumen helps her deliver on both financial as well as brand metrics. Her most recent achievement is the launch of a new, eco brand called ‘Art of Green‘ that is filling a key whitespace in the market of affordable, natural products that deliver on the category benefits. 

  1. Tell us about your background? (share examples of my own career path)
  2. How Did You Come into this role as a female?
  3. What are the challenges you faced as a female in your position?
  4. You Talk A lot about going with your gut what does that mean?
  5. What does Pivoting when you know or the data tells you to do so?
  6. What do you feel is the #1 Skill women should development for themselves as leaderships?
  7. You have been a guest speaker at  Women’s Masters Network’s Annual Meet-up & South Asian Women’s Professional Network
  8. You have also been interviewed with Fobes Magazine Tell us about that?
  9. How can someone get a hold of you if they would like you to become a guest speaker at there event?
  10. What is 1 last thing you would like to share with our listeners

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