How Women Can Support The Future Through Investing Guest Brianna McDonald

Brianna McDonald is the currently the President of Keiretsu Forum Northwest. Keiretsu Forum is the largest, most active investment group in the world and the Northwest leader in the organization facilitating over 100 million in investment in 160 companies in the last two years.

She joined the organization in 2005 when her now Husband started it. He invited her to the table and it took her over a year to build up the confidence to speak in a room filled with so many men. She finally did raised her hand one day and asked a question.

She has seen hundreds if not thousands of pitches. She coachs entrepreneurs through the investing process and support excellent entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and go achieve their dreams. In addition to supporting entrepreneurs, She have a deep passion for helping to create more female investors and supporting them through the process

  • Tell us what your company does?
  • Tell us Why You Feel More Women Should Become Investors?
  • Tell Us About Your Background?
  • Tell Us What You Have Learned investing in privately held companies?
  • What Types of investments/companies do you invest in?
  • Why Do You Think Women Shy Away From Angel Investing?
  • What has been your biggest mistake/lesson from angel investing
  • How Does Your Group Help Your Become a Better Investor?
  • What Do You Look For When You Invest in a Startup?
Brianna McDonald

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