How Women Entrepreneurs Struggle To Access Capital To Grow Their Business

In 2001, Jeanette started up Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio in Columbus, Ohio. After growing her company into an award-winning $7 million business, Jeanette sold the company and became the Managing Director of Skyline Greater LA. Jeanette serves as Chair on the NAWBO National Board in Washington, D.C.  She was also recently named as one of the 2017 Enterprising Women of the Year and the SBA Small Business Woman of the Year. 

1.    What is your biggest challenge when trying to get funding for your business?

2.    At what stage did your company need capital injection?

3.    Did you self fund your startup?

4.    What do you think the biggest challenge that women face when trying to access capital?

5.    You built a 7 million dollar business then sold it off. Do you think every women should have an exit strategy and why or why not?

6.    What Do You Think Women Investors Look For When They Invest in a Person or Company?

7.    How Does NAWBO Help Advocate For Better Access To Capital For Women?

8.    Tell Us About How NAWBO Helped Your Business?

9.    Tell Us some of the other benefits with NAWBO?

10.  What have you found to be better when raising capital Debit vs Equity?


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