Meet Our Hosts

Co-Host Rose Vitale

As a leader in the wireless industry, Rose is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience building her own corporate empire.

With her experiences founding high-profile corporations, Rose has demonstrated that she knows what it takes to be successful in the often cut-throat world of starting and maintaining a profitable business. She’s had to “think like a man” at times to make business decisions and wants to share her experiences with other women who feel like they can’t win.

Since beginning her entrepreneurial career before she was even out of high school, Rose has been using effective strategic marketing practices to ensure all of her businesses and investments keep their quality standard. With her expert level of marketing skills and customer service knowledge, Rose holds the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur as a woman in this world. She wants to share her knowledge with women so they can follow in her footsteps and climb their way to the top of their industry.

Rose believes that by working together instead of competing against each other, women can become leaders in every industry.

Co-host Diana Nurul

Diana has over 15 years of experience working in the technology and management industries. She is a problem solver and is passionate about bridging the gap between technology and workable solutions.

Our Goal For Women in Business Podcast

The goal of the Women in Business podcast is to provide education that helps women entrepreneurs get ahead. We want to connect entrepreneurs with experienced investors who can mentor and guide women to become leaders in their communities and industries. We believe that the only way for women to become a powerful force in the workforce is by working together to build each other up.

Whether you’re in the capital raising stages of your business or you’re still in the idea phase and are trying to figure out how to turn your vision into a real, legitimate, money-making business, we’re here for you.

Tune in every week for candid conversations about the topics that matter for your business. This podcast will empower women to build businesses, make investments, and support each other through community and partnerships.