Welcome to Women in Business Podcast

Women in Business Podcast gives women a platform to tell their stories about success, struggles & inspiration. Our stories have the power to move people. We will share our personal story on how we built a Multi-Million Business within 5 Years in the wireless industry. 

Giving Women An Opportunity To Share There Stories in Business

Did you know women own 38% of all businesses yet only receive 2% of
venture financing?

Who Are We

We are female entrepreneurs who want to share our journey as women in business. We know what it was like to build a muti-million dollars from scratch with no...

investors money.

Our Mission

To build a network of high-powered investors and high-potential investment projects, allowing entrepreneurs to receive the funding that they need...

while maximizing the ROI of our investors

Our Vision

Where women get access to funding they need to grow there businesses. Where they can achieve the level of success typically reserved for men...

To create a smooth funding process that empowers both female founder and investors with exciting new possibilities.

What Is The Women in Business Podcast?

We believe no worthy project should ever go unfunded. Here women get the support, encouragement, and understanding needed to receive business funding and profit as investors. At a time when women owned business has become a powerful new force in commerce, our organization is clearing the way for robust funding to fuel this historic revolution with endless possibilities.


Find and deliver the hard data serious investors are looking for. We provide your...

connection to a vast world of finance that can give you the resources you need to grow.


Women Capital Raising Network is designed by experienced investors and business expert...

to provide a easier and more sensible way for funding and investment. Our system gives women the support you need to make your dreams an exciting reality.


We’re a lot more than just discussion and attitude. We deliver the rich connection...

you need to expand your horizons. Our network is the vehicle for financing to expand women ownership and profits to unprecedented levels.


We believe women can achieve as much and more than men traditionally have in...

the business world. It’s simply a matter of access. When you have the financing and investing opportunities, the sky is the limit.


Our goal is not where you start or end, but how far you can develop your idea...

 products, and investments. We are the conduit for growth and expansion. We give you the real world support you need to grow, develop, and win.

Our Mission & Goals

Let’s get your started. Please join our movement for better, easier business financing and equally exciting investment opportunity. Women helping women to succeed in a man’s world. We’re doing it now and doing it well.