Rose Vitale

About Our Founder

Rose Vitale has been an industry leader with up to 15 years of experience in building her own corporate empires as a successful business owner and entrepreneur, as well as helping small businesses maximize their full potential.

Rose is the founder of many high profile corporations with years of experience and success between all of them. With all of these experience behind her, she has demonstrated that she’s got the knowledge and commitment of what it takes to become successful in the modern world of starting and maintaining your own business. Since the beginning of her entrepreneurial career, Rose has been using effective and cut throat strategic marketing practices in order to ensure al l of her businesses and investments maintain their quality standard. Now with her expert level of marketing skills and customer service knowledge, Rose is willing to share those same business services and resources with you. Making it so you can follow in her footsteps in climbing your way to the top of the industry and become a market leader.