The People Side of Funding and Being Funded Guest Shona Elliott

Shona Elliott is an experienced senior leader who is passionate about helping other senior leaders connect and engage with their greatest assets – their employees – for the purposes of building trust, increasing employee engagement, and achieving an organization’s strategic goals. As a previous CEO, with fifteen years of senior leadership experience, Shona understands the many challenges and competing priorities of busy executives. Having been in their shoes, Shona recognized and harnessed the power of a positive, anything is possible mindset. This mindset coupled with her leadership philosophy of alignment with employees helped Shona achieve her organizations’ goals all while increasing employee engagement.

In March, 2020 Shona’s first book: Create Value as a Senior Leader achieved best-selling status on Amazon. It is scheduled for print and audio publication in the fall and will be in bookstores in April, 2021. Shona has been a guest on many podcasts and is scheduled to be interviewed by Marianne Williamson, NY Times bestselling author as an endorsement in December.

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Shona Elliott

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