What is Impact Investing For Women

Impact Investing For Women

Felecia Froe, M.D.:

Dr. Froe obtained her medical training in Columbia, MO and completed her residency in urology in 1993. Felecia began her real estate investing career in 2004. She is an Amazon best-selling  author of How to Create Wealth that Outlives You and contributed to best sellers, Cracking the Code to Success, Life Defining Moments of Bold Thought Leaders and Wealth for Women, Conversations with the Team that Creates the Dream

What made you start thinking about becoming an investor after spending all the time to become one of the few female urologic surgeons?

Why real estate? Tell us about your journey

I understand that now you are a real estate syndicator, what does that mean?

It seems that the majority of real estate investors are men, why do you think that is so?


What is impact investing? Why is it important to you?

What Do You Think Women Investors Look For When They Invest in a Person or Company?

Tell us about your projects

What else are you working on?

What is Social Impact Lending and Why is it important to women?


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